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NewKirk Square

Welcome to HCE's project page for the exciting Newkirk Square development in Franklin, Indiana! We're proud to be a part of this $11 million Bemis Group project, which is set to transform the city's landscape.

Our team at HCE has been hard at work on several key aspects of the Newkirk Square project. From demolishing three residential homes and a service station to excavating the 0.5-acre lot for underground infrastructure, we've been working diligently to prepare the site for this innovative development.

One of our primary tasks was backfilling all basement and crawl spaces, using 53's and compacting them in tested lifts to ensure the stability and longevity of the structures to come. Additionally, we performed site grading to prepare the land for new construction, creating a solid foundation for the development.

Installing vital infrastructure has been another crucial aspect of our work on the Newkirk Square project. We've installed water service lines, sewer lines, sewer manholes, sewer laterals, sewer mains, stormwater structures manholes, and storm pipes, all with the expertise and attention to detail that HCE is known for.

Our commitment to quality and efficiency extends beyond the initial construction phases. We've also assisted the contractor with a number of smaller projects, showcasing our versatility and dedication to excellence.

Looking ahead, we're excited to begin Phase II of the project with the contractor in 2024. We're confident that our continued involvement will help bring the Newkirk Square development to life, solidifying its place as a cornerstone of Franklin's thriving community.

Excavation & Infrastructure

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